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  • 6th GPM+PMB ENV54_MetroDecom meeting will be held on 31st of August 2017, NPL, Teddington, UK

“Underpinned by innovative metrology, nuclear facilities decommissioning will be more safe and cost-effective.“


Significant reduction in the enormous decommissioning costs of more than one hundred nuclear facilities in Europe by development and implementation of new measurement techniques. Exploitation of the technologies developed in the existing EMRP project “Metrology for radioactive waste management” by implementation in real decommissioning situations.

T/S Excellence


The project will deliver research addressing all aspects of the decommissioning process, i.e. the characterization of solid wastes, pre-selection, free release and repositories monitoring, measurement of thermal power prior to repository storage, and monitoring of wastes and repositories in the long term. A collaborative multi-disciplinary approach will ensure that regulators’ and industrial stakeholders’ requirements across Europe are met, guaranteeing the integrity and cost-effectiveness of the clearance and disposal processes and improving safety and accuracy.

Progress beyond the state-of-the-art

The proposed project addresses the needs of the decommissioning process by the development and implementation of new measurement techniques, instruments, st andards and reference materials, and by ensuring knowledge transfer to stakeholders.

Relevance to EMRP Objectives

Cooperation among 10 metrology institutes, European Joint Research Centre, 3 unfunded partners (industry and regulatory) and 1 REG. Official support from 21 stakeholders including 11 collaborators (industrial companies, regulators, universities, policy makers). Development of metrological capabilities aimed at industrial applications. Innovative technological solutions for sustainable energy and management of natural resources. A multi-disciplinary approach, integrating national metrology programmes to solve metrological problems associated with decommissioning. Research addressing environmental challenges related to harmful emissions control and radiation protection. Creating new measurement capabilities to facilitate European st andardisation of measurements in decommissioning. The project fully conforms to the EMRP Outline 2008, section on “Gr and Challenges” related to Energy and Environment, and supporting document SRT-v19.