List of completed deliverables

Deliverable number
Deliverable description
Participants (Lead in bold)
Deliverable type
1.1.6 Report on measurement results, geostatistical analysis and decontamination plan completed SCK•CEN, NPL Report
1.1.7 Initial findings from D1.2.1 and D1.1.6 reviewed and decontamination plan refined SCK•CEN, NPL Dataset
1.1.9 Data set with Monte Carlo data regarding the efficiency of plane sources for six beta emitters and fitting parameters IFIN-HH, ENEA Data set
1.1.10 Report on integral equations for source and detector efficiency. IFIN-HH, ENEA Report
1.1.11 Method and software for determining the activity of large-area beta reference sources IFIN-HH, ENEA Method, Software
1.2.1 Currently employed sampling strategies reviewed and reported NPL, CMI Report
1.3.1 List of radionuclides for standardisation prioritised and 5 selected NPL, PTB Dataset
1.3.2 Radiochemical analysis schemes for radionuclides selected in D1.3.1 devised NPL, PTB Techniques
1.3.3 Radiochemical analysis schemes for selected radionuclides with aqueous radionuclide solutions tested and optimised NPL, PTB Techniques
1.4.1 Relevant scaling factor databases identified ENEA, CMI, NPL Document
1.4.2 Report on evalution of existing data for the radionuclides = ENEA, CMI, NPL Report
1.4.3 Report on the radionuclide list prioritised for further study of up to 10 radionuclides that have scaling factors that are either poorly known or not determined ENEA, CMI, NPL Report
2.1.1 Review and report on existing systems used for segregation of wastes ENVINET, CMI, JRC, PTB Report
2.1.2 MC calculations to derive optimum parameters for segregation facility performed CMI Dataset
2.1.3 Optimum parameters for the segregation facility design determined CMI, JRC, PTB Dataset
3.1.1 Free release facility built on decommissioning site. ENVINET, CMI, JRC Artefact
3.1.2 Report on esting and optimisation of free release facility CMI, ENVINET Report
3.3.1 Five non-active waste materials selected and delivered for measurement. CMI, IFIN-HH, JRC, NPL Material
3.3.2 Initial testing of the type of the radionuclide source and detector for scanning of wastes performed. CMI Dataset
3.3.3 Testing facility for scanning of waste materials designed. CMI, IFIN-HH, JRC, NPL Design
4.1.1 Report on evaluation of solid scintillators for potential use in the integrating system ENEA Report
4.1.2 Miniaturised integrating gas-monitor system designed NPL Design
4.1.6 Upgraded real-time monitoring system designed NPL Design
4.2.1 Device from ENV09 (D3.2.1) implemented with sampling and purification techniques MIKES Device
4.3.1 Report presenting the operating constraints of DTS systems used for the measurements of distributed temperature in repository sites ANDRA Report
4.3.2 Report describing the metrological means needed to characterise DTS interrogators LNE Report
4.3.4 At least 2 DTS interrogators and at least 2 optical fibres used for distributed temperature measurements provided ANDRA, EDF Artefact
4.4.1 Document describing results of consultations about the optimum test format for the acoustic thermometry device NPL Document
4.4.2 Acoustic thermometry system designed NPL Design
4.4.3 Acoustic thermometry system constructed and tested. NPL Device
4.5.1 Report on characteristics (e.g. dimensions, thermal power) of typical nuclear waste packages written ANDRA Report
5.1.4 Five non-active materials that will test the scanning waste facility prepared CMI Material
5.2.1 List of radionuclides for standardisation prioritised NPL, ENEA, JRC, PTB Dataset
5.2.2 Five single radionuclide solution standards procured, prepared and calibrated NPL, ENEA, JRC, PTB Artefact
5.2.3 2.5 kg blank concrete reference material procured and prepared, and partitioned into aliquots for characterisation and use in WP1 NPL Artefact
5.2.4 Blank concrete characterised for radioactivity content NPL, PTB Artefact
5.2.5 2.5 dm3 blank steel reference solution procured and prepared and partitioned into aliquots for characterisation and use in WP1 PTB Artefact
5.2.6 Blank steel reference solution characterised for radioactivity content NPL, PTB Artefact
5.2.7 1 kg blank graphite reference material procured and prepared, and partitioned into aliquots for characterisation and use in WP1 NPL Artefact
5.2.8 Blank graphite characterised for radioactivity content ENEA, JRC Artefact
6.1.1 Initial Stakeholder Committee of at least 5 members proposal ENEA, All JRP-Partners List
6.1.2 Stakeholder Committee of at least 8 members set up ENEA, All JRP-Partners List
6.1.3 Stakeholder Committee members registered via a public JRP-webpage ENEA, All JRP-Partners List
6.1.4 Terms of reference of the Stakeholder Committee agreed ENEA, All JRP-Partners Document
6.1.6 Relevant existing projects under FP7 for cooperation identified CMI, All JRP-Partners Data set
6.1.7 JRP site with open access created and updated every 3 months CMI, All JRP-Partners, REG(ENVINET) Website
6.1.8 JRP site with restricted access (SharePoint) created and updated CMI, All JRP-Partners, REG(ENVINET) SharePoint site
6.1.9 Video conference system set up ENEA System
6.1.10 At least 10 papers at scientific conferences presented ENEA, All JRP-Partners Presentation
6.1.14 First workshop for stakeholders and end-users organised and held ENEA, All JRP-Partners, REG(ENVINET) Workshop
6.2.4 At least 3 short-term technical visits held ENEA, All JRP-Partners, REG(ENVINET) Technical visit


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